Epi 18 Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference


We have all made small changes in our life and routine which have either deliberately or inadvertently made a big difference, say cutting out that chocolate bar, walking a bit further or started talking to strangers and made a new friend.
In this episode Dave and Marie talk through considering to change your filter or paradigm. Dave explains by what he means on this and how it can be down to us and how we interpret situations based on our previous experiences that will colour this filter.
Dave talks through different people you can mix with will help you start to see the world differently. Even if you can’t socialise with millionaires and billionaires to see how they see the world, then do spend time with others and understand how they see the world to see if it can enhance yours
Dave then goes on to explain how reading self improvement books can bring a new view on life. This again can benefit you, assuming you apply it to your behaviour.
What books have changed your world?
Which individuals changed your view on life?
What was it that they had that you hadn’t considered?
Who do you inspire?