Epi 26 Planning Your Future


Planning for your future should have already started but in case you haven’t considered that already then this podcast is for you.
We have previously talked with Marie on Tax matters and have spoken with Lindsey Atterbury on the legal sides for your future so to complete the holy trinity of future planning it makes sense that we now cover Financial Advice. In this episode Dave and Marie speak with Andy Goulter from Mattioli Woods about future considerations, how planning now makes a difference to the future, how much you typically need to have saved up to cover your needs etc. Furthermore, Andy tackles some tough questions from Dave and Marie as well as Dave not quite answering the question on how much he thinks he needs to cover his retirement.
What steps have you taken to cover your retirement?
Have you considered it as part of your Exit Strategy?
What tips do you have for your future which you can share with others?