Epi 29 The Art of Delegation


Are you an Accidental Manager?
Do you struggle to get people to do what you have asked the to?
How easy is it for you to get your team to deliver on time?
Delegation or abdication?
How do you track on progress?

In this episode Dave and Marie talk to Marion Parrish from the Accidental Manager on The Art of Delegation. Marion helps people learn how to delegate, especially if they are new to management. She then reveals her 6 step list strategy at improving delegation. Her approach is refreshing, covering a key aspect we all need to be the best we can. Her discussion on communication and how you need to be clear that both parties understand the task needed to be completed, the importance of it and what the deadline is. Then the manager needs to follow this up, to ensure the deputised person is on the right lines, not hitting blockers and if so, to help remove them then ensure deadlines will be hit.