Epi 48 The Power of Contracts


Contracts – Why should a small SME or solopreneur spend scarce money on drawing up contracts? What’s in it for them? What could go wrong if you don’t?
Aren’t these legal eagles difficult to deal with? Charge you for lifting the phone?
Well hopefully this podcast changes your mindset on a number of these questions.
Dave and Marie are joined by Fahimah Adam, Director and Barrister from No 7 Legal Services
Fahmiah is approachable, well experienced and helps us myth bust a number of preconceived notions that we often form around the legal service.
Fahimah answers some tricky questions from Dave and Marie, including why you should consider have a contract and the benefit of it sat on a shelf. What is the worst that could happen if I don’t have a contract? When should you consider drawing up a contract?
How often should you review your existing contracts?
Do you need a contract if you have insurance?