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The new online course for business leaders is now available, click through to learn how to improve the profitability of your business, develop you as a business leader and take your business to the next level.

Next Steps For Business online course package provides so much more than a couple of videos, but instead takes you through your entire business, allowing you to review your processes, your workload and help you develop a better way to work promoting growth and profitability.

Each step is broken down into easy to consume bite sized chunks, with helpful downloads, quizzes, questionnaires, feedback forms, but also allows you to revisit previous lessons to keep you sharp. Accompanying it are exclusive webinars where we will answer your questions and provide a full support mechanism.

Take action for your business now.

Latest podcast

The podcast

We all know running a successful business can be more difficult than it seemed at the start, when you first thought of striking out on your own, with head full of ideas and ambitions.

On top of marketing your business, securing new orders and meeting your deadlines, you also need to look after your people, comply with appropriate legislation, of which there is more every year.

And that’s before you start worrying about cashflow, bookkeeping, research and development, funding, grants, deliveries, scheduling, etc., an almost endless list of tasks you’re responsible for.

Next Steps for Business is leveraging the knowledge and experience of business owners and entrepreneurs to support businesses seeking to be more effective and more efficient.

Whether you choose to grow the business is your decision, but we’re here to help your take the next steps in the evolution of your business, whatever the future looks like for you.

Our online programme of change, provides vital information, valuable insights, critical updates and simple steps to help you, the business owner, regain control and fix your business.

This online series of podcasts allows you to review your business and apply the learning at a time convenient to. Think of them as having a business consultant on demand 24/7.

The programme of improvements and review points will get your business in shape, ready for growth, more profit or sale; the choice is yours.

The detailed information is delivered with a light touch and interviews with business owners and specialist service providers will ensure you receive the support you need, when you need it.

All the mistakes a business could ever make have been made before and listening to our podcasts will help you avoid the pitfalls that catch the unwary and learn from others’ experiences.

The experiences

The founders of ‘Next Steps For Business’ are David Wilkes and Marie Ellis, both of whom measure their business experience in decades, rather than years.

Their entrepreneurial spirit is evident in the development of this programme, but a quick look at their biographies should instil confidence that their podcasts are worth a listen.

Dave Wilkes

I’ve been involved with Business Operations and IT Systems for over 30 years, looking at ways to make them run more efficiently as well as acting as a business coach for many of those years.

Having set up and run successfully numerous businesses, including some I have subsequently sold on, I’m a battle-hardened boardroom crusader.

I love working with different size businesses, from Large Blue-Chip Corps to start up entrepreneurs. Each environment brings its own special challenges and these are the life blood. Bring me your problems and I’ll help you get them solved.

Marie Ellis

Before setting up Elite Accounting, I had varying roles in accounting and finance, including financial business partnering, financial planning, financial controller and finance director.

I’ve worked in large corporate companies and small and medium privately owned companies operating in a multitude of business sectors, including retail, government funded training and design.

I now enjoy utilising my industry and real life experience to assist companies of all sizes to flourish financially.

Guest Book

David Wilkes and Marie Ellis, have been so blessed to have so many great guests appear on their podcasts.

Wanting to allow you, the listener, to be able to contact these guests so you can directly benefit from their expertise we have set up this guest book. Each guest has a link through to their site and reminder of their bio and a link through

Andy Neal

Director of Astute Sales Solutions

Andy's 30 + years of high level Sales experience, operating at Director level before starting Astute brings so much value to organisations who are struggling to jel their Sales team.

Karen Cureton

Often known as the Queen of Social Media, Director of Cureton Consulting Ltd, Karen brings so much experience on Social Media and Marketing.

Karen, from a corporate background, brings so much professionalism and experience on Marketing as well as her Social Media understanding.